#1 Sushi Machines  

SHARIBEN-ROBOT Rice-Serving Machine


Make work more efficient and improve quality.
This machine keeps rice warm and fluffy, and can serve it quickly in precise, pre-measured quantities.

Rice Serving Speed: 5 Seconds / dish Max. 720 dishes / Hr. (250g setting)

50g – 500g amount of rice would be adjustable by pre-setting of 7 kinds of selecting buttons for Bento, Rice Bowl, Curry, Dishes, and etc.


Gyu-don Curry Rice Bento Box Onigiri
Gyūdon Curry Rice Bentō (box lunch) Onigiri


  • LCD touchscreen operation panel can display 7 languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese , Korean, and Spanish)
  • To keep time needed to serve rice to a minimum, automatically puts a pre-measured amount of rice on stand-by in the dispenser.
  • Improved new measuring system with increased accuracy in measuring rice weights and durability of measuring components.
  • Patented technology: Mixes rice with two beaters to prevent clumping and make it easy to serve while retaining peak flavor and a powdery appearance.
  • Rice warming hopper keeps the rice at around 70°C for 4 hours so the rice it serves remains hot.
  • Displays remaining volume of rice in hopper, making it easy to plan rice cooking times.
  • Compact design and easy to maintain just like an appliance for the home. Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Easy to prepare still-warm onigiri using the optional molding container (FBB-TOA).